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South Africa


RSA Training Centre

Greenbushes Industrial Park
Gate 2 Unit 19 & 20, Old Cape Road

Greenbushes, 6390 Port Elizabeth

Eastern Cape - South Africa 

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Are they Entry Requirements for GWO Training?

There are NO entry requirements for GWO Training, although some of the Modules are physically intensive and, in some cases, might require a Valid Medical Certificate with Annexure 3.

Why refresh my GWO Certificates?

The Safety Critical Courses of GWO have a Validity of 24months, in order to qualify for a refresher training your current certificate has to be valid until the day of completion of refresher training.

What courses should I Do First?

We have created a career map to assist with the navigation on your certification and progress towards the goal of working in the industry. To view click here

Do I have to do all Training at once?

Training Can be done in Modules and in accordance with requirements it has to be completed within 28 days from start to end.

Are GWO courses offered online, onsite, or both?

We offer all our training courses in the various setups, we can provide training on site, at our training facility and in a blended format (Digital + in person).

How often are GWO training courses scheduled throughout the year?

We have our training Schedules on the GWO Courses on the top menu, but we generally have courses running on a weekly basis, some courses or at least once a month but we don't have minimums.

What sets your training programs apart from other GWO training providers?

We believe ins quality and Know-how, we have won multiple awards from GWO and are Leaders in Africa and Middle East for Training.