Wind Turbine Cranes & Chain Hoists

Wind Turbine Crane and Chain Hoists mandatory Inspections because safety of your workforce matters!

Extending Equipment Lifespan

Proactive inspections and timely maintenance contribute to the extended lifespan of chain hoists. Identifying potential issues early prevents costly replacements and ensures that the equipment remains reliable and effective throughout its operational life.

Documentation for Audits

Inspections generate documentation that serves as evidence of compliance during audits. This documentation is crucial for demonstrating that chain hoists meet regulatory standards, fostering transparency and accountability.

Safety Culture Promotion

Regular inspections contribute to a safety-conscious culture within the wind energy industry. Prioritizing safety through statutory inspections establishes a precedent for all personnel involved in wind turbine operations, emphasizing the importance of compliance and precautionary measures.

Ensuring Safety Compliance

Rigorous inspections guarantee that chain hoists adhere to the specific safety standards outlined in Driven Machinery Regulations. This ensures a secure working environment, minimizing the risk of accidents during wind turbine operations.

Preventing Equipment Failures

Regular inspections help identify wear, tear, or potential issues with chain hoists. Addressing these concerns promptly minimizes the risk of equipment failures during critical lifting and maintenance tasks, preventing accidents and operational disruptions.

Functional Testing

Functional testing of chain hoists is a mandatory measure to guarantee their optimal performance, adherence to safety standards, and readiness for the demanding lifting tasks they are designed to undertake. 

Our Solutions for Cranes and Chain Hoists

Chain Hoists Inspections

 We meticulously assess every component and connection point, guaranteeing compliance with regulations and providing assurance for technicians to lift tools and equipment safely.

Suporting Structures

Inspections of the supporting structures for chain hoists in wind turbines are a critical safety measure, ensuring the robustness and reliability of the entire lifting system. This thorough examination assesses the integrity of the structures, including mounting points and attachment mechanisms. 


Inspections of the chains on electric chain hoists within wind turbines are a meticulous process designed to ensure the reliability and safety of these critical lifting components. This proactive approach aims to identify and address issues early, preventing equipment failures during crucial maintenance Tasks.

Labeling and Marking

Clear labeling and signage on electric chain hoists within wind turbines are crucial elements of a comprehensive safety strategy. Our meticulous approach ensures that every label and sign is strategically placed, providing vital information such as load capacity, operating instructions, and emergency procedures.

Mandatory Information

Ensuring all Required and mandatory Information is displayed for the users, weather internal or external workforce and ensuring compliance and contribution to ensuring a safety Culture.

Our Solutions your Compliance

Ensure Your Compliance is never compromised with our Turnkey Solutions and our independent inspections. 


All Necessary Registrations for the Entity and the Inspector


We seek at all times Authorization and approval from OEM's to undertake necessary Repairs and Adjustments 


We are able to Advise and undertake all necessary repairs required to bring compliance and safety to your assets.

Your Safety, Our Priority: Independent, Impartial, and Uncompromising Inspections for Wind Turbine Safety Equipment!