"Your Partner in ensuring Safety and Compliance of your Assets."

Full Scope - Turnkey Solutions

We ensure to take the responsibility away from your company and staff and covering your liability under HSE and other Regulations.

Legal Requirements

We ensure to keep updated with the latest legal Requirements and ensure our clients assets do so as well.


All Certificates and inspection Records are available to Clients on digital platform. The user of the assets can view the status of equipment.


We ensure Independent and Impartial Inspection to all your critical Safety Items of your assets preventing breakdowns and costly turnaround times.

Improved Availability

With the Multidisciplinary Team and our Capacity, we are able to perform inspections in Reduced Time therefore increasing availability of your assets.

Reduced Costs

With our solution there is a guaranteed reduction and predictable costs on the undertaking of Inspections

Risk and Indemnity

SP-Wind has all the necessary insurance policy's and liability policies. This Ensures that we carry the risk and you have full indemnity.

Critical Safety Equipment we Inspect

Navigate the breeze with confidence – our statutory inspections in wind ensure your turbines are not just compliant but soaring to new heights of efficiency and safety!

Service Lifts
Service Lift
Fall Arrest System
Anchoring Points
Electric Chain Hoists
Emergency Evacuation / Rescue Devices
First Aid Kit
Fire Fighting Equipment
Lifting Acessories
Emergency Lighting