Instructor Qualification Training
Instructor Qualification Crossover
Instructor Qualification Training

GWO Instructor Qualification Training

GWO Instructor Qualification Training is aimed to elevate the Quality of the Instructors and aspiring instructors for all GWO training Modules. Preparing participants to become or those that aspire to become certified to become GWO Module specific instructors.  This Training equips all participants with Knowledge on GWO Taxonomy, Lesson Planning, Instructional Design, Backwards Planning. Focus on Learning and Transfer enhancing the quality of the Training conducted and development of Active Learning strategies.


Duration: 9 Day 

Validity: Not Applicable

Instructor Qualification Crossover

GWO IQT -  Crossover

GWO Instructor Qualification Training Crossover is aimed for experienced GWO Instructors, in accordance with GWO Training Requirements, and need to follow joining instructions, The participants will focus on updating their delivery skills and improving the development of active learning, backwards planning and development of training material. Become part of a leading group of Instructors equipped to deliver quality. 

Duration: 4 Days

Validity: not applicable

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Why Choose GWO Standards

Choosing Global Wind Organization (GWO) standards for training and certification in the wind energy industry offers several advantages. GWO has established globally recognized standards to enhance safety, quality, and consistency in training across the sector. Here are some reasons why individuals and companies may choose GWO standards.

In summary, choosing GWO standards provides a recognized and standardized approach to training in the wind energy sector, promoting safety, consistency, and efficiency in the preparation of individuals for work in this dynamic industry.

Industry Recognition

Recognized by Key Industry Stakeholders for Providing High Quality Training.

GWO Certified Training Provider

We are GWO Accredited and Certified by QCTO, meeting all your Wind Turbine Technician training needs.

Multi training Standards

As a training provider, we offer the most GWO training standards in Africa. 

Real-Life Scenario Training

Ensuring you are Better prepared for Real Life Challenges.

Experienced Instructors

All Our Instructors are wind Turbine Technicians and have a combined experience of 50+ Years

Career Guidance

We provide you with the career advice and guidance you need. 

Value Added, Lunch & Refreshments

Ensuring you are Better prepared for Real Life Challenges.

Indoor Facility

1100 sq. meter indoor facility to create a safe and inclusive training experience.

Multiple Training Settings

SP-Wind is certified to provide training in our Fixed Training Facility, On Site Training and Digital.