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At SP-Wind, our team is more than a workforce; we're a wind force! United in expertise, driven by passion, and committed to innovation, our team members are the driving gusts behind the success of the wind energy industry.

Anke Jordaan
Graphic Designer & Marketing

Shaping the SP-Wind brand identity, creating appealing training materials and visual supports.

Bathandwa Ntisana
Head of Statutory Inspections Department

Ensuring every inspection is a testament of commitment to safety and the well-being of your workforce.

Jayne van der Nest
Business Development - Gear & Training

Business Development at SP-Wind,  

unlocking epportunities, empowering success.

JP Landman

Statutory Inspections Team Lead & BTT Instructor

Setting the highest standards in the wind energy industry inspections and GWO training.

Juandre Niemand 

BST, ART & LU Instructor & Statutory Inspection Technician

Precision inspections and comprehensive quality Basic Safety Training 

championingsafety and training mastery.

Kay-Lynne Basterman
Training Admin & Internal Sales Gear & Training

Ensuring seamless coordination, optimizing the learning experience and providing expert guidance on cutting-edge gear.

Li-Ann Jantjies 
HSE Officer

Ensuring the highest standards of health, safety, and environment, safeguarding every aspect of SP-Wind operations.

Nina Bresler  
Admin Training Manager

Ensuring every training module is prepared & compliant for participants success in the dynamic field of wind energy.

Paulo Cordeiro

Operations Manager, IQT Trainer, Lead GWO Instructor & Founder

Dynamic leader bringing extensive expertise, innovation, and shaping the forefront of GWO training in the wind energy industry.

Pumeza Tshomela

BST, Lift & BTT Instructor & Statutory Inspection Technician

Setting standards, elevating skills of participants and pionering embodying IQT principals for improved training quality alongside meticulous statutory inspections.

Sierer Njini

Maintenance & Statutory Inspections Technician   

Harmonizes precision in maintenance operations with meticulous statutory inspections.

Tanya Oosthuizen 

Business Development - Training & Statutory Inspections

Driving the success and security of training and statutory inspections in Africa shaping strategic partnerships and growth.

Uzusiphe Njengabantu
BST Instructor - In Training

Aspiring BST Instructor at SP-Wind, eager to impart knowledge and elevate safety standards.

Xolisa Ndlovu

Maintenance and Statutory Inspection Technician

Ensures the seamless operation and regulatory compliance of our training centre and critical safety equipment in wind turbines.

Zandile Molo 
Training Admin & FA Instructor - In Training

Fostering a seamless training experience, and on a journey to master the art of imparting lifesaving skills.

Ziyanda Mdlikidla 

Back Office Admin & Social Media Content Creator

Ensuring the smooth operation of administrative functions and enhancing our overall effectiveness and compelling narratives across digital platforms.

Unleashing Human Potential for Collective Success!

We are very proud of our Team and the achievements while sustainably aiming to achieve more and constant improvement. 


SP-Wind Team is 

65% Female
& 35% Male


76% of our Team is Between 18-35 Years Old


In 2018 the team 

was 3 in 

2023 the team is 17