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South Africa - Fixed Training Facility

Reception Area
Service Lift
Working at Heights Classroom
First Aid Classroom
Fire Awareness Practicals
Working at Heights Evacuation
Gear Inspections
BTT Theory Classroom
BTT Mechanical 
& Bolting Classroom
BTT Hydraulic Classroom 
BTT Electrical Classroom
Slinger signaler Classroom
Crane and Training Props
Blade Rescue
Transformer Rescue

Other Features of Facility

Elevate your learning experience at the SP-Wind Training Centre, where state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge amenities converge to power your journey into the future of wind energy expertise.

Welfare Area

You have Free Coffee, Tea Rusks and Drinking Water before and during your Training. We also offer several Meal Options for your lunch.

Chill Area

Designated Area for that relaxing moment or to soak in the Sun and reflect on all the new information, knowledge and Skills just learned.

Drinking Water

In efforts to reduce the "once use Plastic" we offer all participants a bottle of water and have several drinking water dispensers available throughout the facility ready to refill your bottle and therefore kill your thirst while contributing to a better environment reducing our footprint.